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Patient’s Testimonials

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“When I started my treatments I was suffering from a great deal of pain in my left knee. At that time I was placed on a waiting list for a total knee replacement. I was on some very strong pain pills and couldn’t walk more than a few yards. I decided to try Acupuncture. I was advised that the damage to my knee could not be reversed but that the pain could be lessened with this treatment while I was waiting for my operation. I am happy to report that the Acupuncture treatments and Neck/back adjustments I have been given have helped me go about my daily activities with much less pain. To help my recovery I have been walking approximately 6 to 8 km’s every day. To date I have had little or no pain medication in months. My general health has improved on every level. No more headaches, no cold, flu or bowel problems and I have had a 25 pound weight loss. What more could I ask?”

– Jonathan P., Welland

“When I first came to the clinic I was feeling desperate. My same old problems were constantly keeping me in pain and discomfort. I had a lot of limited ability in my neck. Coming to the Lewis Clinic has been a positive God send. I have asked many questions and tried to learn why my body does things and what I can do to correct them. I have also had to keep an open mind to different techniques and be patient with results. After almost 6 months of treatments there are many more good days, almost perfect days, rather than none. The Lewis Clinic is more than a chiropractic to me. I have experienced a warm, inviting atmosphere each time I come in. Don’t be like me and drive by saying you’ll look into it. My advice to you…the sooner you commit to experienced, trusting hands, you’ll be on the road to living life more to the fullest.”

– Marcia D., St. Catharines

“I had been suffering from chronic headaches diagnosed with scoliosis. Chiropractic care has helped me maintain an active lifestyle.”

– Angela S., Fonthill, Ontario

“When I first approached Lewis Chiropractic for help, I was suffering from a stiff neck and severe headaches, which did not respond to drugs. Since I also have fibromyalgia and fairly severe osteoarthritis I was a little nervous about chiropractic treatment. My fears were completely unfounded and within 2 treatments the headaches were pretty much gone and my neck was a lot better. I have continued with the treatments for well over a year now, along with incorporating the exercises provided into my daily routine, and find that most of my previous health problems are lessened to a point where I am able to be much more physically active and feel better most of the time. Fibromyalgia flare-ups don’t last as long and are usually not as severe.”

– Paula W., Welland

Children’s Testimonials

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Why I started seeing a chiropractor: I had pain in my lower back whenever I sat down for an extended period.

– 13 Year Old

How it has helped: I have actually no lower back pain. I feel a lot less stress on my back and a lot less stiff. I’m already a lot less sore overall. Thank you for your help so far, it really means a lot!

– 10 Year Old